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Elegy. 1977. Bronze, h 27
The Art Museum of Volgograd
Concert by S. Rikhter. 1979. Bronze, granite, height 75 cm.
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Study Movement. 1976. Bronze, granite, height 36 cm.
Far East Art Museum. Khabarovsk
List of works in museums
List of Works by V. A. Yevdokimov Found in Museums and Galleries of Russia and Countries of Former Soviet Union
State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow
Family. Composition, 1977, bronze, granite, height 68 cm.
A Portrait of Mother. 1978, bronze, height 28 cm.
Eternal Path. Composition, 1995, marble, height 170 cm.
Museum of Modern History of Russia
(former Central Museum of Revolution), Moscow

Blacksmiths. Composition, 1972, aluminum, height 100 cm.
River Nerl. Composition, 1976, bronze, granite, height 40 cm.
A Welder. Composition, 1973, aluminum, steel, height 230 cm.
Welders in Movement. Composition, 1973, aluminum, height 60 cm.
Smelting, 1930-es. Composition, 1987, chamotte, height 70 cm.
Fertility. Composition, 1975, chamotte, height 70 cm.
The Fall. Composition, 1972, bronze, steel, height 190 cm.
Museum of Moscow City History
Model Figure of St. Anthony Pechersky for Christ Savior Cathedral,
1996-1998, gypsum, height 70 cm
Museum of Great Patriotic War, Poklonnaya Hill. Moscow
Portrait of Veteran, 1960, bronze, natural size, 1
K. A. Timiryazev Apartment Museum. Moscow
Bust of K. A. Timiryazev. 1991, gypsum, natural size, 1.5.
Museum of Modern Art. Moscow
Concert by S. Rikhter. Composition, 1979, bronze, granite, height 75 cm
Moscow Museum of New Russian Art
Steps. Composition, 1978, bronze, granite, height 29 cm
Art Gallery. City of Abakan
Steelworkers. Composition, 1966, bronze, height 18 cm.
By the Steel Hammer. Composition, 1966, bronze, height 17 cm.
Design Office. Composition, 1966, bronze
Country Art Gallery. Krasnodar Territory
Construction Workers. Composition, 1964, aluminum, height 135 cm
Art Museum. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Press-woman. 1967, bronze, height 120 cm
Zaporozhye Art Museum. Ukraine
Boring Worker. 1968, bronze
Kharkiv Art Museum. Ukraine
Laying A Pipeline. Composition, 1969, bronze, height 54 cm
Art Museum. Golaya Pristan State Farm. Astrakhan Region
Blacksmith. 1968, bronze, height 42 cm.
Blacksmith In Movement. 1975, bronze, height 38 cm
City of Astrakhan
Bust of Captain Yevseyev. 1971, marble, natural size, 1.25
Art Museum. Omsk
Blacksmith. 1972, aluminum, height 110 cm
Art Gallery of Stavropol Territory.
Gorkaya Balka Lenin Collective Farm

Requiem. Composition, 1973, aluminum
Museum of Kemerovo State University
Four Seasons. Composition, 1977, bronze, height 190 cm.
Bust In Marble. Series, 1983-1991, natural size, 1.5 -
A. Pushkin, W. Shakespeare, D. Mendeleyev, A. Koni, I. Pavlov, I. Newton,
A. Smith, Archimedes, Herodotus
Art Gallery. City of Archangelsk
Steelworkers. 1973, aluminum, height 92 cm
Art Gallery of Dolgoprudny. Moscow Region
Motherhood. Composition, 1974, bronze, height 20 cm
A. Pushkin Preserve Museum. Bolshiye Vyazemy, Moscow Region
Bust of A. Pushkin. 1985, bronze, natural size, 1.5
D. Mendeleyev Estate Museum. Boblovo, Moscow Region
Bust of D. Mendeleyev. 1987, bronze, natural size, 1.5
Museum of History and Art. Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region
St. George the Victory-Bearer. 1987, bronze, height 140 cm
Museum of History and Art. Serpukhov, Moscow Region
Movement (reclining figure).Study, 1977, bronze, granite, height 27 cm
S. Klychkov Museum. Taldom, Moscow Region
Portrait Figure of S. Klychkov. 1992, bronze, height 54 cm
Museum of History and Art. Pereslavl-Zalesskiy
Portrait of S. Kharitonov, Founder of Tree Nursery. 1977, bronze, granite, natural size, 0.25
Komi Art Museum. Syktyvkar
Portrait of A. Kapel. 1982, bronze, height 32 cm
Krasnoyarsk Art Gallery
Rest. Composition, 1978, bronze, height 32 cm
Far East Art Museum. Khabarovsk
Birth. Composition, 1979, bronze, granite, height 54 cm.
Study Movement. 1978, bronze, granite, height 38 cm
Kaliningrad Art Museum
Metamorphosis. Composition, 1984, bronze, height 83 cm
Kamchatka Art Museum
Free Now. Composition, 1979, bronze, granite, height 60 cm.
Joan. 1989, bronze, height 81 cm
Volgograd Art Museum
Elegy. Composition, 1984, bronze, height 27 cm
Russian Union of Artists (SKhRF)
Steel Founder. 1984, bronze, height 96 cm
Pavlovo Art Museum
A Study. 1986, bronze, height 30 cm.
Rovno Palace of Culture
A Study (Standing woman). 1986, bronze, height 34 cm
Sayany Art Gallery
Caryatid. 1987, bronze, height 32 cm
Museum of Orenburg Institute of Agriculture. Orenburg
Bust of K. Timiryazev. 1991, marble, natural size, 1.75
Novosibirsk Museum of History and Art
At A Factory. Composition, 1983, bronze, height 82 cm
Russia Union of Artists
Portrait of Brother, B. Yevdokimov. 1962, bronze, natural size, 1.
Portrait of M. Voskresenskiy. 1968, bronze, natural size, 1.
Portrait of V. Kikin. 1982, bronze, granite, natural size, 1.
A Study. 1984, bronze, height 34 cm.
Bust of D. Galkovsky. 1987, bronze, granite, natural size, 1.
Leo Tolstoy. 1998, bronze, granite, height 85 cm.
Union of Artists of USSR
Requiem. Composition, 1965, bronze, height 16 cm.
Torso of Reclining Woman. 1975, bronze, granite, height 24 cm.
Movement (A Sitting Woman). Study, 1976, bronze, granite, height 37 cm.
Pomona. 1982, bronze, height 36 cm.
Bust of Airman Pogulyaev. 1986, bronze, granite, natural size, 1.25.
Lyuba. A portrait, 1987, bronze, granite, natural size, 1.
Portrait of Lieutenant Ostapchenko, 1987, bronze, granite, natural size, 1.25.
Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
Caryatid. 1971, bronze, height 33 cm
Tajikistan Union of Artists
Bust of A. Pushkin. 1988, bronze, natural size, 1.5