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Garnet Bracelet. 1967. Bronze, granite, height 22 cm
List of Works in Private Collections
Concert by S. Rikhter, bronze, granite, height 75 cm. 1979
Collection of A. Ye. Novikov, Moscow
River, study, bronze, granite, height 16 cm. 1987
Collection of A. Ye. Novikov, Moscow
A Date, bronze, marble, height 21 cm. 1982
Collection of George Irshman, France,
Collection of Kupser, Germany
In Memoriam of A. Rublev, bronze, granite, height 120 cm. 1982
Collection of J. Ilton
Latona, bronze, height 43 cm. 1979
Collection of J. Ilton
Organ, bronze, granite, height 74 cm. 1970
Collection of J. Ilton
Concert, bronze, granite, height 12 cm. 1967
Collection of J. Ilton
F. Dostoyevsky, bronze, granite, height 36 cm. 1997
Dr. Bino Sternlicht's sculpture collection, USA, Albany, New York
MYSTERY. A Composition, granite, height 320 cm. 1997-1998
Hunnebostrand, Sweden

A Wave, bronze, granite, height 36 cm. 1996
Professional Product, Ronny, PP, Sweden

Garnet Bracelet, bronze, granite, height 25 cm. 1965
Private collection, France

Little Caryatid, bronze, marble, height 36 cm. 1989
Private collection, Norway

Portrait of A. Vedernikov, bronze, marble, 1/2 life size. 1984
Vedernikovs collection

Therapontovo, bronze, granite, height 80 cm. 1979
Collection of Continent Bank

Theomancy, bronze, granite, height 63 cm. 1978
Collection of Continent Bank

Steps, bronze, granite, height 23 cm. 1989
Collection of Continent Bank
River Nerl, bronze, granite, height 23 cm. 1976
Collection of Continent Bank
Garnet Bracelet, bronze, granite, height 25 cm. 1965
Collection of Continent Bank
Penelope, bronze, granite, height 19 cm. 1967
Collection of Continent Bank
A Rose, bronze, granite, height 42 cm. 1964
Collection of S. Ovachyov
Duet, M. Voskresenskiy and A. Knyazev.
Bronze, granite, height 62 cm. 2000

Private collection, Moscow
A Spring, bronze, granite, height 18 cm. 1991
Private collection
Galatea. Bronze, granite, height 37 cm. 2000
Collection of Voskresenskys
Caryatid. Bronze, granite, height 38 cm. 1993
Private collection
Young Girls In Tunics, bronze, granite, height 28 cm. 1992
Private collection
Standing Woman With Drapery, bronze, marble, height 34 cm. 1987
Private collection, South Korea Bank