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Sincerity Is Utopian

My best projects inevitably go through a Utopian stage. Utopian traces remain to stay in the final versions. The process during which the composition enters non-reality (independently of my will) and emerges from non-reallity (not always so) takes up the totality of my life's creative forces. I am motivated by the desire to express in space the main feeling of my soul, its curve and its tune – the two forming between them the
prism through which I view the subject of my work. This vision draws me close to the theme and makes it personal. It seems to me sometimes that my projects are forms of slumber, reverie, retreat from reality. True, some of them find material embodiment – but quite often this is merely an invasion into the world of things by the zone of slumber and fantasy, and for which invasions one has to pay.

And all this is for the sake of rare cases of understanding…

Valery Yevdokimov
October 15, 2005

INFINITY. 2001–2011. Granite; height 3,4 . Gerlesborg, Sweden