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Pieta 1. 1998. Paper, sepia, size 60x60 cm

Sacrifice cannot be spiritual, it is always material. The etymology of the word provides witness of precisely such meaning. One cannot sacrifice anything spiritual, it may be only lost.

We sometimes as if sacrifice the possibility of spiritual life, but if this is a sacrifice, not a fall, and if the deed is dictated not by the choice of a more successful path (which is not a Sacrifice), but is dictated by ethical considerations, then it opens in us new depths of a more accomplished spiritual life.

A sacrifice may only be voluntary. It is always a sacrifice of some part of ones existence, in the extreme case of ones life, which is understood as a value. This is why sacrificial deprivation is always connected with internal strife, with overcoming ones imperfection, with suffering and spiritual growth.

They sacrifice a lesser value for the sake of a greater one. The sacrifice of life is a token of oracular premonition of acquiring values that are higher than those that used to be accessible before. Purification may be found in the experiencing of the sacrifice being brought by somebody else and for the sake of somebody else. Manifested in this way is the redemptive character of the Calvary.

Sacrifice is something that is performed for the sake of somebody else.. Any different understanding of sacrifice is a heritage of the Pagan psychology. Finally, the deed may be not so much an affirmation of spiritual development but rather its consequence. Here sacrifice stops to be sacrifice, and the action is the natural expression of the state of the spirit already acquired.

Valery Yevdokimov
July 11, 1982