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Lubov Yevdokimova
Two Spaces
Ferapontovo. 1979. Bronze, granite; height 80 cm

They are born together and they die together. One flows into the other. They envelop all that exists but they do not touch one the other. One is the symbol of the other. Both enchant, but both are susceptible to pondering, while they themselves are mystery and pondering, extent and lack thereof, feeling and emotion, sensual perception and its coloration, intellect and morality, chaos and harmony.

Art brings together all these spaces in a miraculous way, it tends to make their connection eternal. Acting in this élan, it transcends its limits, and brings us closer to Mystery. The form always shows the way to the transcendental. It shows and no more… And it confirms its existence for-us-and-in-us.

When the revelations of the soul and of the body-cosmos are exhausted, their spaces die for the art.

And they resurrect themselves in the Space of Revelation.

Valery Yevdokimov
July 9, 1992
(While going from Pereslavl-Zalessky and Suzdal, Via Yuryev-Polsky)