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An excerpt from article Master.

A qualitatively new approach to monumental landscape sculpture is demonstrated by V. Yevdokimov in his monumental granite compositions Mystery (1998), Pieta (2000) and Infinity (2008), all made in Sweden. In these pieces the master gradually strips the sculptural shape from the heavy fetters of artistic enslavement, ?? various methods of plastic reflection of his vision of the world, and approaches (particularly in the Infinity composition) the summit of creative conscience, which is symbol-sign, a kind of Mobius strip in granite. It reflects torturing quest of the supreme truth of art (which is often confused with truth of life) in summery of intense labor of the large-caliber master who has turned the Russian sculpture of the last thirty years of the 20th century into most significant phenomenon of the cultural life in Russia, rendering it an all-European purport.

V. Maloletkov.
Man. Culture. City, May, #69, 2009