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Fragments of article by S. Serova
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Fragments of article by S. Serova

Galatea, bronze, granite, 2000, height 35 cm

He is always strict and dry, such is his nature, his soul. It untiringly pushes the artist toward realization of his own self, toward permanent work of focusing his inner vision. The process is an analytic one. Rational analysis is a property of Yevdokimovs creative process. There is no spontaneity in it. It is this quality that not allows him not to slip into the sensual individualism of self-expression which was so much a sin of the 20th century. What is much closer and dearer to Valery is the intimate anonymity of the art of the Russian spiritual zealots.

He is as stern in not allowing his conscience to sink into the region of subjective sensual images, as he is persevering and patient in his devotional exploration of unfathomable